Mobile Hospital

“Hospital on Wheels”

Rajasthan. Mangal Charitable Trust has started a mobile hospital in the year 2011. This is a special purpose vehicle with an objective of treating the poor who require medical treatment.

This is another excellent example of social responsibility set by MCT. The mobile hospital follows the remote and high-risk areas of Rajasthan curing the patients on the way. MCT is a huge admirer of Guruji Name. Guruji travels on bare foot to various villages, towns and cities. The mobile hospital follows the footsteps of Guruji Name whichever place he goes and gives immediate treatment to the communities that have the poorest access to health services in their place. Target populations include those of minority backgrounds, the homeless, displaced populations, recent immigrants, migrant workers, people lacking insurance, and children. It typically serves uninsured and lower-income individuals.

The mobile hospital is well equipped with all the latest medical equipment and well-trained doctors at its disposal. The mobile hospital provides a wide range of services tailored to community needs. The functions carried out are comprehensive patient-centered and the focus is also on specific diseases in the area. The mobile hospital has been a major success in helping and curing the people.

The mobile hospital represents an integral component of the healthcare system that delivers care to populations that are hard to reach by the traditional system, improving access and supporting prevention and chronic disease management. Mobile clinics are able to leverage their ability to overcome barriers to access and build trusting relationships to reduce disparities, improve health, and reduce costs.